The Wayward Cloud

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I need help…sometimes I am a cinema masochist.  I don’t know why I do
this to myself.  Could have seen “Perfume”…could have seen “Reno 911” but no..I had to torture myself with Ming-liang Tsai’s latest bore-fest.

I have given this guy too many chances…  I was bored to tears with “What Time is it There.”  Cinephiles will want to slap me for that statement..but it’s true.  Ming-liang Tsai makes boring ass films.  And critics praise this guy.  Same with Hsiao-hsien Hou.  Given him so many chances and I keep going back for more… wondering if I’m missing something.  Wondering if it’s me.  Well I held out until I could see this on the big screen and whatever.  WHATEVER!!!!  Some very nice images but so what!!

Only note: 2005 seemed to be the year of the on-screen blow-job.  “Brown Bunny”, “Battle in Heaven” and this film.  If you want to see the beautiful Shiang-chyi Chen (featured below) with her lips on a cock..see this…but you’ll be wasting 2 hours of your life.