Goonies Never Say Buy!

Until now.

A line of Goonies action figures and prop replicas are on the way from Mezco Toys, according to this month’s TOYFARE magazine. Look forward to Mouth, Chunk, Mikey, Data and Sloth to be hitting shelves this year, as well as a 12″ Sloth. The company will also be doing full-scale prop replicas, including One-Eyed Willy’s skull, the map and key, etc. The key to Willy’s chest will be the company’s exclusive at this year’s ComicCon.


It’s a long-awaited line that was inevitable. Most likely we will see a cartoon or sequel in the pipeline as well. As a sidenote, Mezco will also be looking to resurrect their BACK TO THE FUTURE license – no details yet other than another wave of the Kubrick-style figures, but prop replicas are likely.


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