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Does it really matter what i’m going to type? You’re gonna think what you’re gonna think regardless … and so i don’t even know what i’m doing here right now. But yes — i LOVE this movie. This is another example of a film that is a lot more than the trailer may have you believe. You see, the character of Norbit is one of Eddie’s best EVER. And get this — this film has heart. Sure, “Rasputia” is funny at first, but that gag soon wears thin. And where a Wayans type of film would rely on that one visual gag for an hour and a half, this film, penned by Eddie and bro Charlie, knows that it needs a bit more to deliver the goods. Sure it’s crude, and at times a bit abrasive — but every time Norbit is on screen it was nonstop BergLaughin’ at his subtle little nuances. I would see it again just for some of the lines he says under his breath. Plus, as an added bonus, it’s fun to check out the multiple BTTF locations on the Universal backlot in the backround throughout the film. So yes, Norbit is great. Norbit deserves all the money he made last weekend and this past weekend. Fuck Dreamgirls. This is the Eddie i want!

One of the worst comic book movies ever made. i usually like the Cage even in sub-par films…i always feel he rises above the materiel he’s given in such cases. But, as Johnny Blaze, the cage-isms seem neutered and all we are left with is his standard elvis-y vibe. This is the worst kind of bad. Such a shame. i thought this would be a good time ever since i saw them all at the comic-con panal last July. This will have the biggest drop off in its second weekend in the history of second weekends.

Worse than even can be imagined. These have to stop. Not even Crispin as Wonka and good old “Meegosh” from Willow could keep me in Epic Movie for more than 25 minutes before walking out. That’s saying a lot for me.

Music & Lyrics is actualy a very good time!! i almost skipped this until i saw clips of the 80’s-esque video that kicks this film off. Fortunately, the film takes that hilarious vibe and gives you a good amount of heart as well. This is this kind of film at its best. I need the soundtrack at once!!

Asise from this classic ass-kickin’ karate kid, Smokin’ Aces is the kind of good fun that you never wanna watch again. Cool. Fun. Just, yeah… never again.

I told you to go see this! I am so glad it made 22 million considering how Disney really dropped the ball with the publicity for this film.

Just a few BergBits:

Good =
Keira Knightleyis baring all for her new film, Silk. According to MSN entertainment, her nudity is used to chastise her. A source is quoted as saying that during one of her two nude scenes, “she leans over her husband with her gown gaping open and he remarks that her breasts are small and like a little girl’s.” In the film, she plays the wife of a silkworm smuggler (Michael Pitt) from the 1800’s who becomes obsessed with a concubine of a baron in Japan.

Bad =
It seems that the interests of kids are changing just a little bit. This new, media-saturated age group (2-12) is no longer interested in the kiddie mainstays that we grew up with. The love for toys and all types of movie merchandise has been falling secondary to the digital realm of Internet websites, digital cameras and cell phones. This new generation has been named by marketers as KGOY — “kids getting older younger.”

Whatever =
Leave it up to those Weinsteins to find a slick way to kick-start a new revenue stream. Folks in the U.S. (and other English-speaking countries) need not worry: The Tarantino / Rodriguez collaboration Grindhouse will definitely still be playing as one feature film. (Fans who just got visions of “The Kill Bill Split” can put their swords down now.) Those who live in nations unfamiliar with “grindhouse” movie theaters, however, will be receiving Planet Terror and Death Proof as two separate movies. Oh, and there might be “additional footage” spliced into the overseas versions, material we Region Oners probably won’t get to see until DVD time.
Variety reports that many markets will simply take Planet and Proof as regular ol’ Weinstein exports, not unlike, say, Scream 3 or Cursed. But since the grindhouse gimmickry will be lost on anyone unfamiliar with the distinctly American sub-genre, it gives Harvey and Bob a good chance to make a few extra nickels on foreign shores.

Strange =
Howard Shore has composed the music for about a dozen of David Cronenberg’s films, including Scanners, Dead Ringers and A History of Violence. But my favorite collaboration between these guys came in 1986’s drop-dead heart-stoppingly brilliant The Fly. So successful was this partnership that the old friends recently announced that, along with Placido Domingo, they’ll be turning their version of George Langelaan’s The Fly into an opera. Not just a musical, mind you, but a full-bore (three character) opera piece.
According to The CBC, the trio will have their Fly opera open in Paris on July 1, 2008 before moving over to Los Angeles some time in September. The production will consist of a chorus, a 75-piece orchestra and three characters: a baritone, a tenor and a mezzo-soprano.

Really Bad =
Some rumors have such a ring of truth that you’re willing to overlook the fact that it’s all attributed to the anonymous source of an anonymous source’s uncle who heard it from someone else. The rumor AICN is currently peddling — that Steven Spielberg darling Shia LaBeouf has been cast as the son of Indiana Jones in Indiana Jones 4 — may be one such rumor. The Indy-son rumor, which AICN’s Drew McWeeny says is coming from some “pretty reliable places,” is also being backed up by other sources around the Web that have picked up similar rumblings.

3 Responses

  1. Bake Snaker says:

    What is that 6th film?

  2. Cybergosh says:

    you’re not clickin’ your links, bake.  you’re not clickin your links.

  3. junky says:

    wow LeBouf rumor, probably true.  probably true.  River Phoenix where are you when we need you.

    Actually I like LeBouf, I just dont know if I like the idea of indy’s son.

    But sure, if they’re lookin to deal with the concept of age (hey, Kirk had a (gay) son in Khan) then this is likely the place to go.  Not to mention setting the scene for Ford-less sequels.

    Hey, it’s all about the script.  Any of these things can theoretically work.  …so long as they work.