Aliens War Games – The Animated Series

I don’t know how I feel about this. On one hand, I love that the Alien
franchise continues to have legs… on the other, I don’t like the way
this looks AT ALL.


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One Response to “Aliens War Games – The Animated Series”

  1. LV-42Junky says:

    Wow.  This link should be reposted at the top of the page cuz this is huge news.

    Welp, gotta say the character design is not ideal.  But, the Clone Wars characters looked weird in that Tartakovsky style at first.

    It’s all about tone and story.  If they take this seriously, it could be great.  Mark my words, we are going to see this happen to all our favorite franchises.  I guarantee you, this is the future of Ghostbusters (which we already know), Gremlins and Goonies.

    Studios resurrecting these franchises as animated features, especially in a world where animation is so cheap and micro-media is so plentiful, are too easy an opprotunity to pass up.

    I recommend everyone start writing.  Cuz the real shame of this is that Eros should be writing this series…

    Anyway, anything that helps the Alien Resurrection is ok in my book – games, cartoons, toys – bring it on!!!!