12” Scale Power Loader

No sooner do I pick up a Dejarik table when I discover this latest offering from Sideshow Collectibles, the maker of high-end 12″ figures, among other items. I know Eros is gonna pick up one of these…


Sideshow is known for sculpting males better than females in terms of facial likeness. But the mannish Lt. Ripley is actually one of their better offerings, perfect for this Loader.

The 12″ verisons of Hudson and Hicks are more like GI Joe dolls in Colonial Marine armor. Personally, I’d pass on them. But Ripley and the Loader is a pretty tempting collectible.

The loader is not yet available, but you CAN preorder Ripley herself.


For those of you interested in toys like this, I highly suggest subscribing to Sideshow’s newsletter as well as registering on their site. You will recieve updates of products that you specifically request, as well as be eligible for priority pre-orders, which are sometimes the only way to get a figure before it sells out.

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