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  1. toy junky says:

    Cool coverage!  I of course got all my news last FRIDAY and SATURDAY (slussssssh) from me pallies at star wars action news, and Forcecast tried to scoop some stuff as well.  Nice that you guys actually got a Hasbro rep to do some presenting for your cameras, that is the first live-action video I’ve seen from the con, and my first glimpse of the full poster, including the 2009 image of Boba.

    Very cool – the 30th anniversary line marks the LAST Hasbro line I will ever collect.  After that, I’m swearing off collecting (too time consuming and expensive) and will return to older and healthier habits of just picking up whatever occasional figure suits my fancy.

    I’ve tried moving some of my collection into the garage and there is not enough room for all my star wars toys.  The figures themselves (the ROTS and SAGA lines) must be packed in bins and the rest of the toys remain in closets.

    Anyway, the 30th line has a lot of NEW sculpts and accessories, plus McQuarrie concept figures and the amazing HOLIDAY SPECIAL Boba Fett, which opens a door to all kinds of bizarre possibilities (the cartoon?  A Bea Arthur figure???)

    I also gotta say, the Sideshow line is incredible.  For those of you who might want the DEJARIK TABLE, it’s reasonably priced at $30 and is 1:6 scale (meaning for 12” figures).  Very cute for a desk or shelf, and very affordable. 

    Though I cannot wait for the game and whatever novels/soundtracks might be associated with it, I’m not going to be collecting the toy line at all.  Though that battle-ravaged Vader is pretty keen.

    Okay.  Bye.