Goin’ For The Q*bert Record


Courtesy of The Alathal…

TV Spot for the best game ever…

3 Responses

  1. Junktape says:

    I wish you reversed this post.  I got my mouth all ready for the sweet taste of vintage toy commercials, and then got a story about a guy diagnosed with MS falling short of breaking the Q-Bert record.  🙁

    But THEN I got a toy commercial as a special treat!  Yummy!  I’d like to request a commercial-of-the-week segment – that profiles old toy commercials!

  2. Fat Ass says:

    “I wanted to get all my gaming in before I couldn’t move anymore.”

    That will haunt me for… well, for minutes. But if I had a heart, it would haunt me for much longer.

    And then the guy fails. Sigh. Aren’t I miserable enough already without you doing this to me?

    Gah… I WAS going to write, but now it’s YOUR fault I’m going to have to go back into WarCraft again to forget the cruel realities of the world. Besides, I have to get all my gaming in before I can’t move anymore.

  3. Cybergosh says:

    Ha!  I know!  I thought this was the coolest / saddest thing i have ever seen on YouTube! 

    I love that guy!!