…is just one of the many new star wars headlines coming out of the NYC Toyfare convention. The new game will be officially announced THIS TUESDAY at lucasarts.com. Much like “Shadows of the Empire,” Lucasfilm is treating the Lucas-approved story of “Force Unleashed” as a major event for this year.


It will include tie-in deals with Hasbro, including a line of action figures and other toys.

FOR IMAGES OF THESE FIGURES, CHECK OUT STAR WARS ACTION NEWS. You can also download their recent podcast, with detailed info on what’s coming from Hasbro and Gentle Giant.

A teaser poster for the Star Wars CGI Clone Wars series have appeared, with a release date of 2008.

The live-action series was also advertised as coming in 2009, and featured a teaser image of BOBA FETT’s helmet, confirming that he plays a major role in the series.

Some pics from characters featured in the new game, including a beat-to-shit Vader:


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6 thoughts on “Next-Gen Game Titled, “Force Unleashed””
  1. No I think between Episode III and IV, but I’m not entirely sure.  (BTW the new Timothy Zahn book is out, which is between A New Hope and Empire – fucking great so far.)

  2. Amazing!  I can’t wait to hear more about this at C4.  News on this and what the hell is up with the 3D releases is what i look forward to the most…

    And yes—it IS between III and IV.

    And Junktape!!! Add the image of the poster to this link i cannot find it anywhere..no aicn..no force.net!!!!!!

  3. no images available (yet) – supposedly they haven’t yet allowed photos of the posters at the con.  Have only heard verbal reports.

    I can’t believe I’m only going to C4 for one day.  I’m gonna miss everything.

  4. I’ve heard verbal reports too—but I think we got video of it.  Should be on the site tomorrow.  Zabrak jedis with lightsaber tonfas!

  5. What’s a tonfas?

    Perhaps the Zabrak Jedis you speak of are Eeth Koth, or maybe the dark and mysterious Agen Kolar?  Both as featured in Episodes One, Two and Thrice?  (slusssssssh)

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