Another package arrived at my house – the Sideshow Collectibles 12″ scale (1:6) replica of Jabba the Hutt, as well as his throne.


Got this on impluse during the 5 minutes that Christa let me out of her sight at ComiCon 06.

Well, several months and one giant Milennium Falcon later, it finally showed up:

So come on, let’s open it together!!!!

It always begins with a box:


And then the Russian Doll game begins:


Throne was well-packed, with cardboard beneath the railing for the huka. On the upper layer of styrofoam they’d packed a few small items inside, which I did not see at first — Jabba’s pillows (2) his skin rug, and the bowl-top to his huka, with a pipe included. Pics of those items below.


Frontal view of dais:


Side angle. On the left-most side, one of the gargoyle heads seemed to be missing its ring. I could not find it in the mess of packing material. It’s only a very thin wire ring, almost like a thin keychain.

So it’d be easy to replace, though I’m annoyed to have to.

Each of these heads WAS individually wrapped, so the ring might have pulled off with the wrapping.


Item number is 816 out of 4200:


The Gargoyle rings were repositioned into the downward position after this pic was taken:


And onto the slime lord himself:


Heard that Sideshow is going to start altering their packaging design to suit the star wars 30th anniversary, which sucks because I love the style they’ve been using. This is the “Scum & Villany” line, which includes (so far) Jabba, the throne, the creature packs and Bib Fortuna.


The box art is already kind of different from the previous, though the logo for “scum and villany” remains the same. But there is no border on the box design which is how the other 12″ boxes have been presented.


And there he is, looking pretty annoyed at being sealed in Carbonite for his journey.


Detail on him is wonderful, though he is photographed in catalogs and on the box art as having much redder eyes. These are much more orange-yellow, which was a disappointment.

I can’t recall what the paint job was on the prototype, but alhtough there is some fine blending on his body, he does have a slightly more plastic look than I remembered from the con.

Still, under the right light he’s pretty much a dead ringer for his real-life counterpart.

Being the “inclusive edition” ordered in-person at ComicCon, he came with a small goblet (not pictured). Frankly they coulda thrown in something a little better, like Han in Carbonite!!!!!! Or possibly a chain onto which you could leash your 12″ Hasbro Slave Leia. Not that anyone would do that.


As soon as I freed him, he started making himself at home:


First I adopt two dogs, then this. No wonder my cat tries to steal my breath.


Yeah, that’s love.


Oooh, rock me Jabba’s Dais!


Here are the additional items included with the dais:


Jabba on Dais with the assorted items placed:


And finally, old friends Salacious Crumb and Bib Fortuna stop by to see their old pal.



Welp, Jabba certainly will be the talk of any room he appears in, and makes for the beginnings of an incredible 1:6 diorama. If the 12″ scale is your thing, Jabba here is worth every penny. However, there ARE a few cons…

a) HE STINKS – my god, it’s like strawberry shampoo dipped in turtle wax.

b) Again, the paint job is quite good, but is missing red and reddish-brown tints. He appears more like the sickly-yellow version Kenner made in the original action-figure line. I would have liked redder eyes and some varied shades of brown.

c) HIS ARMS ARE NOT POSEABLE — his right hand (your left) is fixed in a pointing gesture while his left (your right) is left open just slightly to accomidate the inclusive edition goblet, or possibly his huka pipe (which does not fit comfortably and cannot reach his mouth.).

His shoulders do not have ball joints, so it is not possible to pose his arms, turn his head even slightly or pose his eyes/mouth.

I might be asking a lot, but I thought this was a 12″ figure, not just a rubber sculpture. If it were possible to give him just the slightest movement in his arms it would have been much better. (as is, your options are very limited and it’d be hard to get him to hold any action position.)

I realize Jabba isn’t really one for “action” but I was hoping he might be able to backhand Threepio or hold a chain for Oola or Leia.

d) For those of us who went through the trouble of getting the inclusive edition, a tiny goblet isn’t much of a bonus. Han in Carbonite or some other extra would have been much more appreciated.

That said, this is a wonderful addition to the 12″ line. I do think, if I had to swear off collecting all but one line in the world of star wars merchandise, I would choose the Sideshow 12″ line. They are amazing sculpts of great quality, the prices aren’t (too) bad and the overall customer service / inclusive newsletter community at Sideshow is very good.

Plans for this Jabba are to leave him on a high perch in my home. I’m hoping the Gentle Giant Slave Leia statue is roughly in scale with him, so she can sit at the base of the dais. I was thinking of finding a loose 12″ carbonite slab on Ebay and hanging it beside him.

Sideshow is selling two creature packs (one with Salacious Crumb, pictured) the other with a more bizarre assortment from the Palace. And they will soon be selling Leia as BOUSSH, who would look great if she came with a prisoner-version of Chewie. (Until then, you’d have to settle for ROTS Chewie with a custom chain, which is my plan).

Welp, thanks for geekin’ out with me.

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  1. This almost… ALMOST makes me regret not throwing down $700 bones on a lifesize Salacious Crumb.  How much was this guy, as I’m sure he’s significantly less and also more adapted for NYC apartment dwelling?

    Love the pics of the Doctor and Hutt.  It’s like Trab is a bounty hunter.  You should build a rancor pit underneath them.

  2. So…I don’t know if it is the way you posed him around the house, but he looks almost cuddly.  Like a grumpy cat who just woke up from a nap.  He needs more menace… a carbonite Han and slave Leia would help.


  3. er, WHILE I sleep… that’s how scared I am of this thing, I can’t even type english anymore.

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