There was this chilling tale of a young man and evil!

Being on good terms with the local video store has its priviledges. Case in point: the centerpiece “Silence of the Lambs” stand. After throwing that in the back of my car, I brought it home to my “room” where I promptly set it up and began to devise a silly little video. Naturally, no one was around, nor did I really need them, so everything you see is an ancient camera sitting on a tripod as I engage Doctor Lecter. Of course, the sound was horrid so you barely hear me utter “Tell me your secrets”, if even that’s what I said.

Hopefully Rommel will share the phonepic he took recently reliving the experience.

By E-G 421

One thought on “Before Hannibal Rising…”
  1. Ah, high school – Jesus i LOVE THIS.  I got that phone pic of the lambs “still” crying recently.  Post it, Rommel!!!

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