I don’t know, this is weird and funny and maybe sad… or maybe it’s kinda cool. It’s the sort of thing I just can’t appreciate without feeling bad, which is what keeps me grounded and likely unsuccessful and yet entirely lovable and often pitied. Anyway, it’s a commercial for the appearance Seth and I made in Arizona to promote Freshmen. Look! A talking beaver! How original! WHY was I the only sonofabitch who never read The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe???

I blame my father. For everything. Nah, actually, just that one thing. I blame my mother for everything else. Anyone still here?

There’s another one on YouTube as well, one which makes far less sense. And proves that it’s going to be extremely difficult for anyone but me to ever write the Beaver’s dialogue. Dam beaver.

By Fat Ass

6 thoughts on “Freshmen Commercials”
  1. This is all things wonderful.  Awkwardly wonderful.  Fans so excited about your presence that they’re making their own commercials.  If someone is shopping in the kiddie department of JC Penny so they can dress a hand puppet to honor your creation, then embrace it.  I take full responsibility for the Beaver, btw – And I had NOT read those books 🙁 (I thought we were ripping off George of the Jungle, actually…) Did these commercials air on local tv?

    This is hilarious – take it as one of those goofy things that happen when you embrace this kind of fanbase!!  Go to them and get your sign on!

  2. I believe they were on late-night cable. Dunno. They sure had a plethora of peeps there, tho, so some effective marketing was certainly employed at some point. Unlike for the actual comic, LOL.

  3. I love that this exists!  And also – there is no law that states there cannot be two talking beavers.  People love talking beavers!  To Talking Beavers!

  4. The Beaver is my alma mater’s mascot… and has been since before The Lion, etc, etc was written.  Cheers to “Nature’s Engineer”!

    Oh, and this ad reminds me of the mid-90’s IMAX movie…

    “BEAVERS!  The biggest DAM movie you ever SAW!”

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