The Doomsday Machine remastered


These are shots for this weekend’s new remastered Star Trek episode. I think they’ve given up on making the effects in the remastered Star Trek episodes look like they could have been made in the 1960s and gone for just full-on awesome. I’ve been waiting for this episode to see what the USS Constellation would look like beaten up, and I’m not disappointed.

Though I have to say I’ve always had one problem with this eposode– How would the Constellation be in one piece after fighting the Doomsday Machine, a weapon that destroys entire planets? Wouldn’t it have been blown to dust? Whatever–I’m a nerd.

Original Constellation


Remastered Constellation


Original Shuttlecraft leaving Enterprise


Remastered Shuttlecraft leaving Enterprise


Original Enterprise vs Doomsday Machine


Remastered Enterprise vs Doomsday Machine



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2 Responses

  1. Eros Welker says:

    Awesome!  I totally prefer that they just make it look cool instead of trying to make it look retro cool. I think they’re staying pretty close to familiar territory, but not letting that hamper the vision.  Me like!

  2. trek junky says:

    Oh please oh please let the new movie take a tip from this and keep the retro style.  If this movie shows me an enterprise that looks ANY different from the tv version I’m walking out of the theatre.