David Goyer Off the Flash

First Whedon, now Goyer. Next up, Jon Favreau will storm off Iron Man (and what a shame that’d be)…

From ICv2 (an awesome site):

According to The Hollywood Reporter Shawn (Night at the Museum) Levy has replaced David Goyer as the director of a movie based on DC Comics character The Flash for Warner Bros. Last week Goyer announced his departure from the project on his My Space blog as follows: “The God’s honest truth is that WB and myself simply couldn’t agree on what would make for a cool Flash film. I’m quite proud of the screenplay I turned in. I threw my heart into it, and I genuinely think it would’ve been the basis of a groundbreaking film. But as of now, the studio is heading off in a completely different direction.”

Check out their story for more.

2 Responses

  1. franchise junky says:

    Jesus.  All this and JJ Abrams not directing the new trek movie.  What’s going on? 

    And actually, based on Zathura I think Favreau was probably a really good choice for Ironman (or any movie like it).  He can do action, he can do a family movie that won’t condescend, he casts well, and he knows the importance of miniatures and creature f/x instead Of an over-reliance on CGI.

    These studios don’t have a clue.  Who knows, maybe goyer and whedons takes were off the mark.  But in the old days you stuck with a director, trusted that he was a visionary and even if you had trouble with him, you followed through.  (DONNER)

    Now they second guess so much, and stories/concepts are agreed upon my committee.  It’s like fucking sitcoms.  They try to please everyone and end up pleasing nobody.  Sigh.

    I say all these studios should just fucking hire Hugh Sterbakov.

  2. Eros Welker says:

    First and most importantly, JJ on Star Trek – is that true? I hadn’t heard that.  Oh geez…

    Second, we stand divided on Favreau.  I like him as an actor, but I don’t see him as any kind of visionary filmmaker with any real unique style.  He can make movies as well as Chris Columbus can make movies.  I hope Iron Man proves me wrong.

    I think Hugh should start work immediately on Norbit 2.