SPL aka Saat po long aka Kill Zone


I’ve had enough!! Alot of people love this film. Love it!! Somebody told me this was the must see of 2006. And this is probably blasphemy towards all those HK film lovers. But enough already!!

Fighting can be great but I refuse to see any more films that are soley based on that. Who the fuck cares? Much better than average but I’m no longer wasting my time with this stuff. The only thing interesting about this is that it sort of turns in to an “Assault on Precinct 13.” And has a real depressing ending.

What is worth pointing out is that Miramax has this new label called “Dragon Dynasty.” I’m glad they are releasing films like this but they dumb down the packaging and titling for the American audience. The original title was a reference to Chinese astrology that categorizes the characters. Kill Zone? Stupid title.

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