Johnnie To’s new film…you can catch it at Lincoln Center this month as part of Film Comment Selects….but only if….

you really must see the new Johnnie To film, like I felt I had to. Election 1 & 2 and alot of his earlier stuff are good movies but definitely for a certain audience. So if you’re not really in to seeing another Triad film, skip this.

Some critic wrote that this is sleepy Leone and that’s a perfect review for this film. 2:35, very moody lighting, constant billowing curtains, and lots of sunglasses. The one thing that i like about this film is the use of red powder for the gun hits (I guess inspired by Godfather). The red powder explodes in a beautiful red cloud that gives a very surreal feel to the shoot-outs. Lot’s of shooting and the most blatant product placement (Red Bull) EVER!! You can find it on Region 3 DVD on Bowery and on Ebay…already got rid of my copy.