Clerks 2

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Had to post this poster because it is one of the worst posters ever. Who cares how hot that booty is… the poster is terrible. So my Clerks 2 review…

Years ago, when I first saw Clerks… I enjoyed it. Wasn’t a huge fan. Basically, I had just graduated NYU and was a bit of a hater.
Then I saw “Mallrats” and laughed but thought he dropped the ball on making a great art film/comedy follow-up to “Clerks.” Then “Chasing
Amy” came out and I wrote Kevin Smith off. I hate “Chasing Amy” with a passion. So I didn’t see “Dogma” until years later on DVD and
enjoyed it but didn’t love it. Then “Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back” came out and I laughed the entire way through. Kevin Smith won me over. I saw “Jersey Girl” in the theaters and hated it but was able to forgive him because of the entertainment he provided me with “Jay and Silent Bob.” Then I checked out his DVD collection of his college tours and once again he won me over because the guy is genuinely funny and personable.

So, Clerks 2. I really wanted to check it out in the theater because all my friends liked it and I was expecting something along the lines
of J&SB. Couldn’t because of work over the summer. So I finally rented it. Now I know you didn’t have to hear the history of my Kevin
Smith movie watching but I wanted to paint a picture of my mindset when I watched this. Basically hopeful anticipation.

Alright… it’s okay. I laughed. Laughed alot. I wasn’t nearly as blown away by the donkey show as everybody else, Rosario is good but
doesn’t quite fit in the Clerks world, and there wasn’t enough of Jay. But I did enjoy re-visiting these guys. I felt a slight tinge of
nostalgia and sentimentality.

Overall, slightly disappointed but I was expecting greatness. It’s just good…not great. Rent it because many of the deleted scenes are
better than scenes in the film.