Clerks 2

Had to post this poster because it is one of the worst posters ever. Who cares how hot that booty is… the poster is terrible. So my Clerks 2 review…

Years ago, when I first saw Clerks… I enjoyed it. Wasn’t a huge fan. Basically, I had just graduated NYU and was a bit of a hater.
Then I saw “Mallrats” and laughed but thought he dropped the ball on making a great art film/comedy follow-up to “Clerks.” Then “Chasing
Amy” came out and I wrote Kevin Smith off. I hate “Chasing Amy” with a passion. So I didn’t see “Dogma” until years later on DVD and
enjoyed it but didn’t love it. Then “Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back” came out and I laughed the entire way through. Kevin Smith won me over. I saw “Jersey Girl” in the theaters and hated it but was able to forgive him because of the entertainment he provided me with “Jay and Silent Bob.” Then I checked out his DVD collection of his college tours and once again he won me over because the guy is genuinely funny and personable.

So, Clerks 2. I really wanted to check it out in the theater because all my friends liked it and I was expecting something along the lines
of J&SB. Couldn’t because of work over the summer. So I finally rented it. Now I know you didn’t have to hear the history of my Kevin
Smith movie watching but I wanted to paint a picture of my mindset when I watched this. Basically hopeful anticipation.

Alright… it’s okay. I laughed. Laughed alot. I wasn’t nearly as blown away by the donkey show as everybody else, Rosario is good but
doesn’t quite fit in the Clerks world, and there wasn’t enough of Jay. But I did enjoy re-visiting these guys. I felt a slight tinge of
nostalgia and sentimentality.

Overall, slightly disappointed but I was expecting greatness. It’s just good…not great. Rent it because many of the deleted scenes are
better than scenes in the film.

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5 Responses to “Clerks 2”

  1. Cybergosh says:

    Sean the spolier king.

    Anyway – the comm is great on this disc and the doc is really a great look at the making of a low budget film from the start to finish.  You’ll like this film more each time you see it.  One of the best of 2006 for me!!

    And a must-see for anyone before this july, if for no other reason than to share in Elias’ anticipation and excitment!

  2. Roger says:

    Saw this twice in the theaters, and absolutely lost it during the “Mr. Pillowpants” scene, both times.

  3. DougGold says:

    I’ve never understood that poster. Are they trying to say that she’s such a whore that her vagina is always gaping open for people? I’m confused.

  4. smith junky says:

    Going to a Kevin Smith movie and “expecting greatness” are not a sensible combination.  Haven’t seen this yet, but am excited to, since the only Kevin Smith movie I like is Clerks. 

    I think at his best he creates good juvenille comedy.  But mostly he wastes my time with his shit.  And yet, I’ve always liked him.  Because though I think he’s kind of a fat slacker who takes his opportunities for granted, he does seem to be a genuine and kind fellow who’s just a fanboy at heart.

    So I’d love to hang with him at a comic book store sometime.  But he can keep his poo-poo jersey humor.  Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back was an indulgent home movie, only one step above the VHS movies we used to make in our backyards and then force the family to sit through.

    On one hand, this is what makes it charming and gives me a smile.  On the other, I wonder when this guy is ever gonna actually try to tell us a story.  (Maybe Jersey Girl was that attempt.)

    Forgot to say that Dogma was at least extremely original and had some memorable moments and concepts.  But I was not a fan of the shit monster.

    Will pipe up when I actually see Clerks 2 on DVD.  Can’t wait for that donkey show.  Thanks.

  5. Eros Welker says:

    I started to watch Clerks 2, got up to the LOTR riff, and then the Netflix DVD started to skip.  Those bastards.  So far, eh… it’s okay, I’m a big fan of Jay, but I don’t like Kevin Smith’s mooking, and I’m just finding it slightly irritating the way DAnte’s friend, whose name escapes me, speaks… is that natural, or is he just as terrible as Clerks 1? 

    Either way, I’m hoping it goes uphill from here when I get the unvarnished copy back.