Children of Men Review (21st Street Edition)


imageSo, and I’m not sure how I keep getting the hook-up, but Rom and I engaged in some old-school VHS behavior for this film. I had received a tape of the film, shot in theater with people’s heads popping up and some stupid fat guy laughing whenever Caine asked someone to pull his finger. Totally watchable, except for some audio drops and artifacts on the tape, if you can get over seeing heads. Wish it were in surround, unfortunately, I think it was in mono. I’m not sure what all the hype is about, because it didn’t look all that technically impressive. The story is interesting, yes, but why is everyone so hopped up about this?

Now that I’ve got Berg’s blood boiling… no, we saw it in theaters. Probably my favorite film of the year, though I don’t really love it (as depressing as it is, how could you LOVE it). I’m in awe of it and it’s convinced me to see everything Alfonso does in theaters, provided there’s some interesting hook to it.  I totally get why this must be seen again (and certainly owned on DVD).  Now see, as much as I like War of the Worlds, I can’t be impressed with that Spielberg highway shot because it’s so obviously CG’d.  I like it, but I’m unimpressed with it.  For some reason, I don’t feel that way about Cuaron in this film.  Obviously, what’s presented in some instances cannot possibly be in one take (or maybe I’m wrong?) but because it’s so underproduced, it feels more real.  Only quibble with the film, BRITAIN?  BRITAIN SOLDIERS ON?  F’ London!!  Oh, and I didn’t really dig the end but I suppose it fits.

So great flick, highly recommended to all and to all SEE IT IN THEATERS, if you have the slightest appreciation for film making.  Now I’m off to mix up some Quietus and kick back for a while…

4 Responses

  1. Bake Snaker says:

    hahahaah..ya got me.  Just got my hands on “Pursuit of Happiness” – the Deluxe East New York edition.  The special features include multiple heads, two arguments, random re-framing and re-focus, and of course numerous cell phone rings.

  2. Cybergosh says:

    Yes, i almost shat blood.  you proud of yourself?

  3. BurntLeader says:

    you posted this just to piss us off right?  or get comments?  And you call yourself a filmmaker?  This was the Best Picture of the year and you ruined it!!!  Blazahhhhhhhhhhhahhhhhhhht!!!!

  4. BurntLeader says:

    H ah ha HA ha YOU are a brilliant writer : )