What if Women Ruled the World?


Burnt’s probably all hot and bothered about this upcoming reality show
from FOX. Here’s the details:

When Women Rule The World is a reality show from Rocket Science
Laboratories, says Variety. This show sounds like a little Temptation
Island, a little Survivor, with a dash of The Bachelor. Here’s how it
works – 12 women are running this “world” and creating the society in
which women rule. Enter 12 macho guys who have to do what the women tell
them, including building the accommodations and finding water. It’s a
game of survival, and the last man standing, wins. Fox plans to bring
this puppy out in the spring.

Sounds awful, don’t it?


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1 Response

  1. Ron Burgundy says:

    “Boy, you seem kind of weird tonight, honey. It must be that time of the month. Whammy!”

    “I’m just curious, Champ, do you even know what the expression ‘that time of the month’ means?”

    “Sure I do. It’s when the bones… in a lady– lady’s boobs, they get sore. Because of the… the vaginalistic cells are… expanding. I’ll tell you… You girls, you talk about it a lot and you– I know this, I know– I know… it’s your little friend, and then, you gotta wear… protection.”


    “And then, the belly button is inflamed and… and then engorging of the… fah-la-cule.”


    “Yeah. You might wanna write that down, honey.”

    “Oh, I am.”

    “You didn’t know you were dealing with the science desk there, huh? And then… nine months later is the miracle of life. Whammy, huh?”