I saw this film awhile ago and never reviewed it. But it’s definitely
one of my favorite films I saw this year so I want to share my views
with E.G.

Crying Fist is a boxing film. And what have they not covered in boxing
films? Everything, right? That is what I thought but someday told me
this one was special so I took the chance. The fact that it stars
Min-sik Choi from “Old Boy” fame was definitely plus so I Ebayed
it…popped it in…and it instantly drew me in.

What’s so special about this film is that unlike the Rocky formula, in
which there’s one protagonist that the audience follows and roots for
the entire film, “Crying Fist” covers two protagonists simultaneously,
never siding with one over the other. Both characters go through their
own personal struggles, and both characters deserve to win the match. So
the audience ends up rooting for both men and both men don’t cross
paths until the final fight. So it’s very emotionally involving. I
cannot believe that this idea has never been brought to the screen

Cinematography is beautiful. Acting and drama is top notch. The
director (Seung-wan Ryoo) definitely has a future and I highly suggest
getting your hands on this film. I’ll be reviewing his second film
Arahan shortly. (Crying Fist is his third feature and he’s directed
5….he’s only 32.)