‘Minimoys’ Leaves Cybergosh Emotionally Confused


I’m not sure. I don’t know….

Yes, i liked it. No, no i didn’t. Of course i did. Reminded me of the kinds of movies there used to be more of. The kinds of movies i like. The return of Bowie in villainous form! And Snoop in what may be the oddist animated character ever. But no – no – the pacing was so…off…and Fallon…(among others)… who i normally enjoy…they were kind of…well…really annoying…minnamoying?……I wonder if the French version has voice over actors that annoying?…i should seek out the french version…yes….no – no! ….but c’mon…it was so much better than the usual CGI bullshit out there….i mean, this is far better than Happy Feet for my money….but no…that’s not saying much, is it?….do i view this as what it is… or what it could have / should have been? Digital Glass half empty or digiglass half full? I mean, i like Arthur. And I like Princess Selenia. And most of all, i really like how Madonna plays the romantic interest of 14 year old Freddie Highmore. If only it were live action. I mean, i know it’s got live action…i mean madonna and freddie higmore…together…together…in live-action….then…then it would possibly be the best film ever made. As it is, it’s just okay. No it’s not. Really..it is. Can you go and tell me if it is? I’m so confused…

3 Responses

  1. Cybergosh says:

    Oh yeah, i also saw Alpha Dog today.  Waste of my time.  Despite good cast, materiel could have been milked for a better movie by a more capable director than Nick Cassavetes.

  2. Eros Welker says:

    How many “Arthur” movies are there right now?  I thought this was Arthur and the Invisibles?

  3. Cybergosh says:

    Yeah – the REAL title is Arthur & the Minimoys.  ‘invisibles’ is lame US changed title.