Fans Get Screeched at AEE


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Former child actor and current adult star Dustin Diamond was greeting fans on the AEE floor today while promoting his celebrity sex video, Screeched. The title, released by Redlight District, features the former Saved by the Bell star performing the notorious, yet seldom seen, maneuver known as the Dirty Sanchez in an amateur production originally made for friends. Unbeknownst to the well-endowed Diamond, the release of Screech would expose him as the Tommy Lee of former child actors and bring him the same popularity he once found with his nerdy character, Screech.

“This video wasn’t intended to be a public thing,” said Diamond. “I’d never thought I’d be at the AVN show promoting it. Coming down here and getting a feel for it, as my first time, I’m really impressed.

“People have been asking me to sign things and take pictures all day,” Diamond continued. “We’ve gotten a lot of attention, which is amazing because they say tomorrow is when they open the floodgates and let the public in. So to get this kind of attention from people who are professionals in the industry is really nice.”

Diamond has been so impressed with the industry he hopes to convince his celebrity friends to release the videos he has of them participating in the game that came to be known as Screeched.

“Four years ago, when the World Poker Tour was really being televised and promoted, a lot of celebrity friends and I would get together and play poker, “ Diamond explained. “We started talking about how funny it would be if we created a game like poker in which we created a point system to what we could accomplish with our sexual conquests. The more exotic a maneuver the higher the points. Things that were taboo were really worth high points. We all put money in a pot and at the end of the month tallied up our scores and the winner took the pot. It was just a joke, but a few weeks later one guy put a video on the table. Then another. Then me.

“There are quite a few maneuvers that have been pulled off in those videos that I have never seen before,” laughed Diamond.

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Unfortunately for Saved by the Bell fans anxiously awaiting a Mario Lopez Cleveland Steamer video, Screech’s friends don’t seem to eager to have their footage released. “I tell them that this industry is really great and friendly and that we should work something out and release the videos. Maybe, I’ll sway them.”

Diamond was humble when discussing the success of Screeched, but his enthusiasm shined brighter than Elisabeth Berkley’s teeth when chatting about the video’s notorious Dirty Sanchez. “It wasn’t professional, but I’m told it was very funny and entertaining. And, to have a Dirty Sanchez in the video! I had never seen a Dirty Sanchez in the Adult industry. I hope it takes off!

“I’m not shy. I’m not embarrassed,” Diamond added. “It was my idea to put the Scratch-n-Sniff sticker on the package! People think Dustin “Dirty Sanchez” Diamond is my new nick name, and that’s great! I embrace that with open arms.”


2 Responses

  1. Eros Welker says:

    I anxiously await the day we can all get Screeched.

  2. junky says:

    ”…and that’s great!  I embrace that with open arms.”

    –Dustin Diamond, on being known as “Mr. shit moustache.”