Attakus Diorama Arrives: Part Two

The final chapter in the diorama-opening saga REVEALLED!


When we last left our intrepid heroes, two boxes remained:



The top-most box was the “plinth,” a section of flooring from the death star hangar, shown here packed upside-down:


Quite a weight on the sucker – none of these items are managable by one person. The resin is heavy and the scale is cumbersome. The bottom of the plinth is covered in a soft velvet to prevent scratching of table surface:


Next, placing the falcon cross-section on the flooring:


Then onto the third and final box, which opened to reveal the Death Star Corridor, also packed upside-down. Why, I have no idea:


We had to carefully tilt the box to allow the weight of the model to pull the styrofoam free. This is probably the heaviest piece of the three.


Since the corridor has flooring attached, it matches up with the plinith to create the illusion of a complete hangar:


Like the falcon, the corridor has something to look at on all sides, making placement against a wall an inconvenient method for display. Shown here, a little alcove for R2 and 3PO, just in case anyone should get caught in a trash compactor…

There is an open section in the middle where Vader and Obi-Wan duel. On the opposite side you can see the hallway where Han and Chewie run from the stormtroopers, a good place to put a mouse droid or two. (Shown at bottom corner of final image, scroll down)


As with the falcon set, there were additional items packed within the corridor set. These were revealled to be MORE miscellaneous boxes, to decorate both the hangar bay and the cargo area of the falcon.

This was my first and only disappointment — WHERE THE HELL WAS LUKE? A Metal Collection version of Luke (in stormtrooper gear) was supposed to be included with the corridor!!!

My fiancee read the description on Entertainment Earth’s website, which states that “Mail-away certificates for Luke and Mouse Droids” should be included. Well, the mouse droids were actually included with the Falcon, and there were no certificates (or paperwork of any kind) included in any of these boxes.

So looks like tomorrow I’m calling customer service.

Ah, well — There is no light, without dark. ;(


Metal Collection Vader, Obi and Troopers are placed:


Hasbro figures are placed at the boarding ramp. I love how the Trilogy Collection version of Han is perfectly sculpted to hold onto the ramp hydraulics. So cool!


A few more angles:



The circle is now complete!!



So there you have it. The word “awesome” is often over-used, but it really does apply here. No picture can show just what it’s like to try and lift one of these pieces, or how intimidating the scale is, especially on a dining room table. It’s both the prize of my collection and something of an albatross at the same time.

The craftsmanship and scale are epic. It’s truly amazing work. My only complaint, an apparent lack of any display plate or certificate of authenticity to state the limited edition number! (So far my only proof is what’s been hand-printed on the box).

Truly, it is the elephant in the room:


For all my glee, I also feel kind of like I’ve shot some really amazing heroin, and have now woken up in an alleyway smelling of my own excrement and realizing – “This (addiction) has gotta stop…”

So this is my way of celebrating 30 years of Star Wars. Special thanks to my fiancee Christa (who not only approved of this purchase but actually made it herself), my buddy Matthew who shares my love of galaxies far, far away, and any of you at Entertainment Geekly, the SWAN forums or that cared enough to check out these links and reply to them.

Look for an eventual review of this diorama to appear on

Star Wars Action News


(“Now THIS is Podcasting!”)

See you at Celebration!


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7 Responses

  1. justin Kozisek says:

    hey Greg,

    i’ve been following your progress with this piece all week and now that you’ve finished i felt that i needed to comment. what an incredible piece! i really wanted one of these but money and space constraints put the kybosh on that dream, but being able to watch you not only open and assemble this piece, but put yourself into it as well made this an experience as close to ripping into one of these as many of us will get.

    thanks for the pics – i was fun to play along!



  2. Mdhuff says:

    Amazing.  The photos are incredible, but I must say, this is a piece that is best viewed in person.  You must have a viewing party. I want to get drunk and just stare at it.

  3. Scott From Tulsa says:

    Abso-friggin-lutely incredible pics!  If I had the space I would jump on this thing in a heart-beat.  Wait, who needs a couch.  I could get rid of that, build a table in theliving room and then ……..OOoooo wait I should just take the bed out of my room and then….even BETTER I could sell my wifes car and then set up velvet ropes in the garage around a museum grade display cabinet and then……

  4. Cybergosh says:

    The best thing any one of us has ever bought.

    I want to eat it just like the giant asteroid worm – hey – does that guy have a name?  What species is that?  Giant Mynock?  Hmmmmm…never pondered that before…

  5. Eros Welker says:

    I love that you DID.  You didn’t DO NOT and you didn’t merely TRY.  Magnificent.

    I hate to give you more work or an assignment, but you HAVE TO take some video of this, like a walkthru and post it.  It’s one step closer to me actually visiting you and seeing this.

    One question though, if that’s on the table, where do we play Arkham Horror? smile

  6. junky says:

    Thanks for all the great comments!!  I did take some video with Matthew’s video camera but am not sure yet how it came out.  Will post that once I get the files from him on a disc. 

    Funny you should mention Arkham Horror, as expansions for that board game have finally been shipped to me.  We’re also supposed to have a game at a friend’s house tomorrow night, but I’m not sure I can make it.  It’s becoming a trend out here, ya better visit soon!!!

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