It’s safe to say that Bergy, Christa and I will be joining the Jedi Order.

Check it out HERE

By Junktape

Level 9 Sorcerer. Former Bard.

One thought on “Jedi Religion Actually Exists”
  1. Interesting article.  I love it.  And in a way, isn’t it all just a story anyway?  What I mean is, even if Christ did exist, in the the end, the story of his life is just that… a story.  So it fits in the same catagory as Luke.  Long ago, someone decided (true or not) to sit down and write… a story.

    Suffice to say I’m officially joining the Order.  And this had me thinking:  what about another Star Wars film that takes place 500 years AFTER Jedi?  It’s a time when the New Republic is really really at peace and the Jedi are more like Tibet Monks?  But then something happens.  And when these Jedi are drawn to fight, they use their lightsabers, as well as X-men style powers.

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