Cybergosh Divides Film Year 2006 Into Groups!


This year, I couldn’t deal with putting every little film in order…

So what I’ve gone and done is broken each film down into groups,
and within those groups I’ve listed them in no particular order.

With that, here’s what I thought of 2006…..

The best, most enjoyable experiences of 2006:

Superman Returns
Snakes on a Plane
The Departed
Rocky Balboa
Monster House
Clerks II

Awesome. So great when great movies enter your eyes, ears and mind.
I will own all of these on DVD:

Children of Men
Perfume: The Story of a Murderer
Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby
The Good German
Inside Man
Hard Candy
16 Blocks
Grandma’s Boy (yes. grandma’s boy)

Very Cool. Will most likely buy these on DVD, but in less of a rush to watch them again. That does not make them any less awesome though.
Just a little less repeatability:

V for Vendetta
Flushed away
Lucky Number Slevin
The Lake House
Deep Sea 3D
Déjà vu
Nanny Mcphee

Now here we have film’s i really enjoyes while watching them. very fun experiences. but, for one reason or another, i’m not compelled to buy them on dvd right away):

isolation (my favorite horrory type thrillery type movie of the year!)
apocolypto (i’ll say it again! best jungle action since predetor!)
eight below
stick it (for the introduction shot of Jeff Bridges, if for nothing else)
benchwarmers (wait – actually i did but this hehehe…junktape knows why…)
tenacious D in the pick of destiny
lady in the water
casino royale
night at the museum
underworld: evolution
curious george
big momma’s house 2 (oh come on! you can’t not love it!)

This is the bottom group of the films i “liked”…
each of these had issues and flaws that got in the way of loving them:

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest (as much of a convoluted mess that it is, Jack Sparrow is a character that transcends all elements a film is normally judged on)

nacho libre (might grow into this the more i see it…half what i wanted it to be and half just wasted opportunity)

the wicker man (yes, i know not as good as original by any means but Cage held it together)

the descent (i mean, it’s good…i dunno…why didin’t i care about these woman? I need to care. Cool but i need to care more!)

Poseidon (the josh lucas imax experience!)

silent hill (had me good ’til things went a bit bonkers in the last reel)

little miss sunshine (funny. just not the kind of funny that makes me wanna watch it again and again)

final destination 3 (just barely makes it on my good list. barely.)

And now for the dissapointments of 2006…

Glad i saw them, but ultimately not all I had hoped for.
I won’t ever watch these again, but still, not SO bad:

stranger than fiction
pan’s labyrinth
world trade center
the science of sleep
the fountain
prairie home companion
for your consideration

This category is where things get frustrating:

the grudge 2
the di vinci code
the santa calus 3
the devil wears prada
an American Haunting
the quiet
miami vice
xmen: the last stand
the hills have eyes
mini’s first time

And this is where I just start getting stressed out and angry.
Why didin’t I just walk out?!:

the break up
basic instinct 2
the tiger and the snow
let’s go to prison
charlotte’s web

And finally, the films I just could not deal with.
I actually went against type this year and walked out on all of these:

scary movie 4
fast food nation
marie antionette
over the hedge
happy feet
black christmas

A few i didin’t see but probably should have instead of the wastes of my life in the above category:

United 93
Little Children
Notes on a Scandal

The Multiple Viewings of 2006…
What did i enjoy so much i had to go back again? And again:

Cars – 5
Superman Returns: The IMAX Experience – 3
SoaP – 3
Mi:III – 2
V for Vendetta: The IMAX Experience – 2
Deep Sea 3D in IMAX 3D – 2
Dead Man’s Chest – 2
Lady in the Water – 2
Monster House in Disney Digital 3D – 2
Clerks 2 – 2
Borat – 2
Rocky Balboa – 2

And now, i’d also like to rate, in order, my 10 most eagerly awaited films of Summer 2007…the most sequely summer since…what? 1990 i believe!….

1. Grindhouse (i know, it’s april, but i need to lump this in as this is at the top of my list for the year along with a certain november zemekis release)

2. Ratatouille (brad bird will go 3 for 3)

3. Year 5 (because the odd-numbered years are usually better)

4. The Transformers (i’m with “Elias” on this one)

5. At World’s End (because i’m hoping they get ALL of it right this time)

6. Ocean’s 13 (because it’s the REAL sequel to Ocean’s 11)

7. The Simpsons Movie (because, while a few years too late, it will be nothing short of awesome)

8. Spidey 3 (this far down just because of no elfman)

9. Live Free or Die Hard (would and SHOULD be higher up. down here because of lack of diehardness in trailer, and, quite frankly, i’m scared)

10. I Am Legend (because, unlike pal friendlies, i don’t really enjoy will smith that much but i know it’ll probably be really cool)

And now, for making your way through my faves of ’06…

a secret peak of my most eagerly awaited film of all of ’07…

if you want to keep Zemekis’ next film completely spolier-free

do not keep scrolling down any further.

If, however, you’d like to take a glimpse of some test shots

and various other pre-production type imagery,

scroll on….

Now, i’m warning you!

This stuff is cool but stop if you

wanna stay blind to what lies ahead in November…

Okay…here we go…..


Now, i know there’s no Grendel….

but there IS this….

Happy 2007!


5 Responses

  1. Eros Welker says:

    I’d F ‘em all.  Is that flying dragon thing supposed to be Grendel?

    Great list, I hope to draw up my own, based on yours, before the end of the year… oops, better hurry!

  2. Cybergosh says:

    No…no images of Grendel….yet…..

    but in response to your dragon post – it will be Zemekis who will make dragons cooler than ever!!

  3. Bake Snaker says:

    Holy shiite you saw alot…I’ll post my faves after i catch up a bit this week.

  4. junktape says:

    Jesus Christ.  So everyone’s been out watching movies while I’ve been watching Gilmore Girls on DVD and playing World of Warcraft?  Astounding.

    Zemeckis can do no wrong.  Polar Express was a stumble, but I merely saw that as an animatic for Monster House.  And except for the last 5 minutes, I really didn’t mind What Lies Beneath.

    Give me Grendel or give me death.

  5. Cybergosh says:

    Are you trying to start a comment fight, Junktape!?  Polar was not only my Favorite Film of two years past, but holds up as a classic, sharing the same space as the top films of my life.  The ending makes me tear the awe every time.  I don’t need anyone else to share this.  I, alone, still hear The Bell.