Just a quick December update…

Apocolypto = For a film i was on the verge of not seeing, fantastic fun and the best jungle action since Predator.

The Good German = The GREAT German. Might very well be my favorite Soderbergh.

Charlotte’s Web = Annoying. Awesome Elfman score can’t outshine dreadful julia and other abrasive character voice work.

Eragon = Drags-on and and on and on. This Error will be gone all too soon.

Rocky Balboa = Amazing time. Unexpected chills the likes of which not felt since 1985. Stallone knocks this one out.

Night at the Museum: The IMAX Experience = I went in with zero expectations. Actually, i was kinda ready to be annoyed by this. But ya know….i had a good time. Like any trip to a museum though, while fun, you’re still not exactly ready to run back so soon. Still(er), much more fun than i was expecting.

Black Christmas = One of the worst, if not THE worst moviegoing experience of my life. As a result both from the crowd and the film itself. Made me question if it was worth going to the movies anymore…

Children of Men = …and then this film happened to me and saved me. Made me realize there IS still a reason to go out to the movies. To take a chance and see something you are not so sure you will be into. Seriously…i never really saw The Little Princess (i know i should!) and was never an Y tu mama tambien fan, so i was basically seeing this based on my love of Harry’s third year at Hogwarts. And it paid off. I had no idea was i was getting myself into. My mind was blown out of my mind. THIS is why you go to movies…to be dazzled on an emotional AND technical level! Cauron knows what’s up.

The Tiger and the Snow = What worked once for Benigni definetly does not work twice. Annoying with none of the heart of Life Is Beautiful.

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer = Woah! Woah! Tykwer delivers a dark fable like none other. Fantastic on multiple levels. This is a must-smell. I love when you walk into a film, not knowing what you’re in for, and get to experience something wonderful.

Pan’s Labyrinth = I never wrote anything about this film when i saw it at the New York Film Festival in October. Why? Because it just didn’t hit me the way it seems to have hit a lot of folks. I’m glad they’re getting something out of it that i was unable to get. It is a well made film, no doubts there. But it lacked the magic it was supposed to have. That i expected it to have. It wasn’t what i wanted it to be. A film i expected to love and wound up being bored by. The opposite of Children of Men and Perfume.

Happy Life Day!

By Cybergosh

Fancy Gentleman.

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  1. where did you see Tiger and Snow?  and where did you see Perfume?…plus more pics…more pics

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