Medlingkid’s Next Favorite Film


And quite possibly Anthonis’ as well. They’re big fans of high quality productions, and this one’s told entirely through the perspective of hidden surveillance cameras. I wish I had that set-up, then I’d catch that ratfuck landlord who stole my PSP.

Check out the trailer: http://movies.aol.com/movie/alone-with-her/25992/trailer?ncid=AOLMOV00180000000003

Synopsis: Alone With Her is shot through the eyes and camera lenses of a young man (Doug, played by Colin Hanks) who begins to stalk a beautiful woman (Amy, played by Ana Claudia Talancón). He watches her every action and slowly manipulates her into a relationship. Chilling and creepy, writer/director Eric Nicholas has created a psychological look into an obsessive love-affair and its destructive effects. The film is ingeniously shot through the perspective of the stalker by cinematographer Nathan Wilson.

Release Date: Wednesday, January 17th, 2007 in New York City’s IFC Theater and VOD


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  1. Cybergosh says:

    I meant to check this out last summer when it played at the tribeca film festival.  glad i will get a second chance!  colin hanks is watchin!