Tears of the Black Tiger


I had the urge to check this 2000 Thai cult film..ebayed it from Britain for like $25..and just found out that Film Forum is releasing it in January. Must be in the zeitgeist.

Very campy Thai parody that takes the Western, musical, and romance genres to basically make a Bollywood film with Thai actors. I watched this 2 weeks ago and can’t remember the plot.

So, I was expecting alot. And at first..meaning the first 3 minutes, I was impressed. Extremely visual..almost appears as if the filmmaker painted the frames with vibrant pastely colors…beautiful sets, over-the-top acting, cheese to the max. But guess what? Style as substance don’t do it for Bake Snaker. And after three minutes, I was bored.

A visual acheivement but these days it takes alot to really draw an audience in with only the visuals. Skip.