El Topo – Restored


So I finally got to see El Topo on the big screen. 36 years after it
was made!!

I had seen a Japanese laser disc version years ago but it
felt like I was seeing for the first time..this time around. Insanely
gorgeous restored HD transfer. Actually some of the timing seems to
be off or at least very different from what I remember. The opening
scene where the gunslinger walks through the slaughtered village…the
blood is actually very cartoonish…ultra red. It looks amazing but I
remember being more disturbed when the blood looked realistic.

So in all…I’m still more of a fan of “The Holy Mountain.”
Jodorowsky had more money and was able to truly realize his epic
vision. But this is a must see. MUST SEE. It was a major influence
on the filmmakers of the 70’s. In my opinion, this is as important as
the surrealist and experimental films of Bunuel and Maya Daren.

Some trivia here – Alfonso Arau, who plays Bandit #1 in El Topo) is
Manuel from Used Cars (remember the great shot where he grabs his nuts
after selling all the cars to Kurt)…and a celebrated filmmaker in
his own right…Like Water for Chocolate.