Live Free or Die Hard Teaser


My initial comments:

It doesn’t feel like a Die Hard to me… yet. I’m tired of cars flipping over people. But I do love the money shot, and I’m a Justin Long fan, so I will give it the old college try.

3 Responses

  1. Cybergosh says:

    Ok – my emotional thoughts translated.Â



    I expected a teaser to come this month but hadn’t heard anything!

    This is amazing!

    Remembering DH2 teaser in front of Born on the Fourth of July, Dec 1989 as i wait for you tube clip to load.

    Wonder if – yep – he really IS gonna do the bald thing this time –

    not sure if he feels mclane enough that way –


    Die Hard 4 exists.

    Title has grown on me.

    Will this be similar?

    “How could the same thing happen to the same guy…4 times!??”

    Shit – ok – NO –

    we’re seeing scenes.

    I hate when teasers are called teasers when they are really mini trailers.

    OK –

    ok –

    truck –

    too outdoorsy –

    ok – there he is – confined tight dark environment – better

    gun shot cut to explosion – too standard for a die hard!…bad

    who’s this chick running around? am i supposed to recognize her?

    car flip – trying too hard? not sure. feels like “i robot” to me for some reason.

    my worst fears are coming true.

    car into helicopter – not bad – too bright –

    too too bright

    this feels even less like a die hard than die hard with a vengeance

    justin long looks okay.  “accepted” and “waiting” are great.

    have you done this kind of stuff before?

    awesome mclane look –

    still not sure i’m into bald bruce as mclane.

    bad overall look – relies too much on not-up-to-par action and not enough on the long-awaited return of mclane and setting up a cool ass villian.Â

    very under-par for what i would personally want the next peak at a die hard to be in my mind.

    let’s hope i am proven wrong.

  2. mdhff says:

    Looks okay.  I love the shots that hold when shots like that usually cut… like the swooping swerve of the cop car as it passes and we never cut as it keeps heading down the ramp… and the guy falling from the window, we never cut until after he hits the car and rolls off…. That shit ain’t easy, and it looks good.  And is Willis firing a machine gun with his foot?!?  Love it.  I’m worried about Justin Long being in the film.  I’m a bit on overload with that guy with the mac ads and all.  Maybe I watch too much too much tv.  Anyway, maybe part 4 will work.  Doesn’t look bad.  Pisses me off that the guy who directed it is 33 years old.  Fag.

  3. junktape says:

    If PC guy is the villain, this will be the best Die Hard ever….

    Perhaps the McGuffin is a GUI ++ programming guide.

    Seriously, this does not look bad to me at all, especially considering that the writer’s other movie, HOSTAGE, was an unoffical “Die Hard” entry anyway.  And not a bad one at that.  MUCH better than I’d ever expected it to be.

    Anyway, I do get a giggle out of McClaine being bald.  I guess it would be even MORE laughable if Willis had donned a wig, but I dunno – to me this looks less like McClaine and more like just plain old Bruce Willis.  I’m not yet sure what is so “Die Hard” about this.  Wondering if Bonnie Bedelia will make a cameo this time. 

    Anyway, I agree with Matthew about holding the shots.  That’s kind of become the new, modern spectacle.  They used to cut those kinds of shots

    a) because they had to

    b) because MTV set a standard for them to

    And then two things happened…

    a) more capable CGI

    b) the hong kong / japanimation explosion

    Also known as “The Matrix Trilogy” wink

    Anyway, I agree that no longer cutting in a nauseous manner, either in melee combat or during general stunts gives movies like this much more epic scale.  I hope Michael Bay embraces this for the Transformers movie.

    Thanks for posting and nice to see so many folks commenting!