Princess Aurora Review


I thought I had my K-dar on strong over the last couple of years but for some reason I let this film from early 2006 slip past. I’m glad I heard someone mention it on some blog because this film is a must see because of the first half. Korean actress Bang Eun-jin from Kim-Ki-Duk’s Address Unknown makes her directorial debut and this is an amazing first feature when compared to most directors’ first films.

Crazy woman kills people and leaves a sticker of anime character “Princess Aurora” at every crime scene…why is she doing this?

Very similar to Lady Vengeance in tone. But actually I enjoyed this film more. The script could have been tighter…the big reveal is really only half as shocking as it should be because the film gives away too much, too early. And the end is completely ridiculous….loses all logic..but it’s a fun ride up to that point.

Gorgeous cinematography…very classy, clean, slick look and style. See it…ebay it or talk to me.


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2 Responses

  1. Eros Welker says:

    You have this? I want to see it!  I’m a big fan of Lady Vengeance, though Oldboy was better (and hotter!) for me.

  2. MDHuff says:

    Sounds good.  I’ll check it out.  And you’re right about that last comment I made about assassins assassinating assassins.