Get All Felt Up! Greg the Bunny returns


Not sure if you heard of a little show called Greg the Bunny, but it’s not bad. It has some one-liners worth chuckling over, the occasional decent direction and set design, adequate puppetry and I think the show creators are a bunch of primadonnas and the voice talent kinda sucks and that IFC executive is kind of a ham, and that pedophile with the dark glasses and wig is a little scary and… Oh who am I kidding? All I know is I caught the latest MONSTER spoof, thanks to my DVR’s keen memory, and laughed like the good ole days! I love that it bookends the movie (nice move), the puppets look great (I love what happens to Pal Friendlies in this one), and there’s even an awesome reappearance by last season’s celebrity and some jabs at Fox to boot.

And now, the IFC press release (and yeah, I kinda like “Get All Felt Up”).


After their FOX series was canceled, IFC resurrected Greg the Bunny and his alcoholic pal Warren the Ape and allowed them to make deranged film parodies.

The New York Times hailed the �puppet brilliance� as a �welcome return to prime time� and proclaimed Greg the Bunny �Scruffy, but fabulous.�

On November 11, they�re back at it again on IFC with more outrageous indie spoofs. (After all, Warren needs to fund his drinking habit somehow!)


Each episode will “sandwich” the film they are parodying, airing before and after the movie.

Joining the gang on IFC – Saturdays at 9PM ET (debuts Nov. 11)
Gilbert Gottfried befriends Greg in the two episodes, Wumpus the Monster (Nov. 11) and Wacky Wednesday (Dec. 9); and Mark Borchardt and Mike Schank (docu subjects of American Movie), will join in the hijinks, appearing in The Passion of the Easter Bunny: A Fabricated American Movie (Dec. 16).

Greg the Bunny Revealed (IFC TV Web exclusive) – Five new webisodes offering behind the scenes tales of Greg and his puppet pals. Find out everything you wanted to know about Greg�s heritage, Warren�s addictions, Count Blah�s past and The Wumpus by logging onto http://www.ifctv.com.

Greg the Bunny: The Best of the Film Parodies – available for the first time on DVD, October 24, 2006 in stores and on http://www.ifctv.com.

Charlize Theron (Monster) & Nicole Kidman (Dogville) get �all felt up!�


Saturday, November 11 – Wumpus the Monster
(Parody of Patty Jenkins� Monster)

The parody of the film and role that earned Charlize Theron an Oscar, Wumpus the Monster explores what it means to be a monster puppet. Greg gets more than he bargained for after he befriends the Wumpus out of pity. Gilbert Gottfried co-stars.

Saturday, November 18 – Sockville
(Parody of Lars von Trier�s Dogville, staring Nicole Kidman)

After being knocked unconscious, Greg dreams of visiting the town of Sockville, a town defined by chalk outlines in a black void. The Sockville townsfolk take advantage of the newcomer until Greg retaliates.

Saturday, November 25 – Blue Velveteen
(David Lynch tribute airing with Lynch�s Lost Highway)

Greg suspects Warren of murder and decides to use his boy detective skills to investigate. The night turns in to a wild ride through a David Lynchian world of red curtains, backwards talking and cherry pie.

Saturday, December 2 – Plush: Behind the Seams
(Indie musical spoof airing with Baz Luhrmann�s Moulin Rouge)

A rockumentary on Greg and Warren’s band Plush, one of the few all-puppet pop groups. At the end of the episode, we premiere Plush’s music video for their single “I’m Driving You Crazy.” Any resemblance to Ric Ocasek�s music is completely coincidental.

Saturday, December 9 – Wacky Wednesday
(Parody of Spike Jonze�s Being John Malkovich)

In this parody of Being John Malkovich, Greg buys a magical Aztec dog skull from a Curio shop in Chinatown. The skull causes Greg and Warren to switch bodies, forcing them to walk a day in the others’ shoes. Gilbert Gottfried drops by again.

Saturday, December 16 – The Passion of the Easter Bunny: A Fabricated American Movie
(Parody of Chris Smith�s American Movie)

Hoping to ride Mel Gibson’s coattails, Greg decides to direct and star in a biblical epic motion picture. Everything that can go wrong, does. Co-stars Mark Borchardt and Mike Schank from “American Movie.”

See your favorite indie stars get ALL. FELT. UP.
Greg the Bunny is back!
Premieres on IFC, 11/11 @ 9pm
Watch a webisode now @ http://www.ifctv.com

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2 Responses

  1. junky says:

    LOL!  It was so cool to read your review of our first episode, thanks Eros!  Yeah, we took two potshots at the Fox series.  One at Fox itself and the other at Levitan.  You mentioned to me on the phone that it made us sound bitter, which is not how I wanted it to come off.  We might avoid too much of this in the future…

  2. Eros Welker says:

    I don’t think it’s anything real bad – but personally, I’d avoid it as it could (not that it did) come off as whining and complaining.  And btw, I’m sure I’m not the first to notice that Levitan looks a lot like Leviathan, which I believe in the Bible is a demon.  COINKYDINK?!?!