Bad news Master Chief fans. The plug has been pulled on the Halo movie. Yeah, it’s just delayed, yeah it’s postponed until someone can understand the great creative vision Microsoft had, blah blah blah. In the end, this really looks like it went south because Microsoft and partners got a little greedy.

It also remains to be seen whether a video game-based sci-flick about a faceless hero fighting aliens can earn the $200+ million worldwide it needs to earn to justify the budget… but I was confident that, if the story came together better than, say, DOOM, it could break the $100M barrier in the U.S. and thus make money with worldwide and DVD sales. But we may never know… poor Neil Blomkamp….

By E-G 421

3 thoughts on “The Halo Ring Shatters”
  1. I’m disappointed, but I also feel like we might have avoided an even bigger disappointment.  Having Jackson involved gave me confidence, but not as much as I’d have if he directed it himself.  Nice to know though that he’s willing to hire a director with no hands-on experience, just in case any of us should run into him in an Aussie pub and convince him to let us direct the Hobbit.

  2. The “great creative vision Microsoft had” was reading Larry Niven’s Ringworld and making a game out of it. That’s the movie that should be made.

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