Under the Tusken Sun


I love this so much cause it’s so simple. Brilliant!


See also  Back to the Future Kid Points to his Flux Capacitor

2 Responses

  1. MDHuff says:

    That’s one of my favorite short films ever.  I found myself jealous 15 second in.  Shit.  Excellent fan flick.

  2. junky says:

    Good to see Huffinpuff posting!  Welcome back, dear friend.  I liked this fan film as well.  Simple and fun, seemingly easy to produce.  If you wanna laugh check out the PINK FIVE series.

    They’re on ifilm, or you can follow the link here on EG, where I think it’s posted in our archives.

    Another great source for fanfilms is – theforce.net, and then just go to the left-hand column and click on fan films.  There are lots to look through, many of them pretty good.