Election 2 aka Triad Election

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I assume the American title for this film is Triad Election because they don’t want audiences to know this is a sequel. Election was not released over here and Election 2 totally stands on its own so I guess it’s the right move. Anyway, this just screened at the New York Film Festival…but I got my hands on a 2 disc import from my friends on the Bowery.

If you are in to Triad films, check it out. Definitely a different take on the genre. Like Sopranos, it covers the lives of many different characters within the society. Everyone from the hit man who wants respect to the wife seduced by the dark side to the chairman (or Don). And does not have the expected action scenes of this genre. If you want action, see Johnny To’s Breaking News. (2004)

Like Election, it has many stand-out scenes..scenes that could become classic…we’ll see. But I have to give it up for Nick Cheung…who plays Jet. He was a character from the first film that demanded more screen time and Johnny delivers in the sequel. You could cut all the scenes with Jet from 1 and 2 and have a compelling film about a desperate mob henchman.

See it if you can…but no rush.