Say what you will about the Beard, but I’d give my left nut to lightsaber duel him, and that’s just what happened on last night’s Colbert Report episode (which btw was FANTASTIC, so record it if you havent seen it). Here’s a highlight:

By E-G 421

3 thoughts on “George Lucas vs. Stephen Colbert”
  1. Can’t believe I missed this, my Tivo should have grabbed it… How was the interview?  Or was it just the cameo shown?

  2. Nope, he was definitely on the show as a featured guest.  He was introduced as a contender for the Green Screen Challenge as “George L.” Wonderful wonderful stuff.

  3. God bless reruns – finally caught this.  Amazing episode.  Did Bergoch see the ILM entry in this contest?  Saving the episode on Tivo forever.

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