The Departed is #1


I wonder if Chris will hate The Departed. He seems to hate everything that I think is good (i.e. Batman Begins), but in any case, Scorsese returns in the number one spot on the box office charts this weekend. I caught at late night show last night (Sunday), so I’m exhausted, but I really enjoyed it. I do feel the original, Infernal Affairs, is a better flick despite its terrible title and not having the American star power. It also doesn’t have, thankfully, the Irish hard rock jams that deafen you throughout the movie. Still, The Departed is definitely a movie worth seeing and ten times better than The Aviator (and anyone who worked on it)!

2 Responses

  1. cybergosh says:

    This is simply not true.  I share your love of all things Dwayne, Superman Returns and Mac & me.  Although i have no time for movies anymore in this most dark of times.  September 2006 was the first month in over 20 years i did not see ANY films.

  2. Cybergosh says:

    Wow.  I broke my 5 week stretch without movies last night, giving my healing back a rest from moving heavy bins that i shouldn’t be moving by seeing this amazing labyrinth.  I’m blown away by Scorsese’s triumphant return to being..well, Scorsese.  It might very well be his best since his heyday.  This film kept me on the edge every step of the way.  This movie is alive.  Amazing.