I’m Lost – Season 3 First Impressions


So we dance this dance again… the “I’ll tease you with a little bit of something interesting, yet offer you nothing but nonsense” game. Personally, I thought LOST jumped the shark in the first season, but it still has enough of a bit of mystery to keep me watching, and besides I keep hoping Hurley will get laid. But now, with the season premiere behind me, I grow weary and just am forced to ask ridiculous questions like…

— Why is Henry Gale acting like a super-villain in a bad James Bond film, eating breakfast on the beach while a freshly-dressed Freckles is forced to dine with him?

— Why doesn’t Jack just chew on the scenery already? I liked him better when he had the good Hodgkins.

— Who invited Angelina Jolie’s lover from Gia to this party, and why are we even remotely surprised that an Other is trying to trick one of our castaways?

— How the hell do Gale and Gia lover jump from an underwater bunker to the middle of a jungle or a beach to catch Sawyer or dine with Kate? Is teleportation now an option (ugh, Heroes’ Hiro now infiltrating my mind… YA TAAAAAAAAAAAAA!)


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