Groovy!  Evil Dead: The Musical… errr… Rocks!

evildead.jpgYou never know what you’re going to get when someone adapts one of your favorite movies into a play, much less a musical, but the team behind Evil Dead: The Musical delivers the goods. From the lovable characters, including breakout star Ryan Ward as our own Ashley, to the make-up and special effects used on-stage, Evil Dead: The Musical is an amazing vision of Raimi’s world. The songs are memorable, though unfortunately a cast recording is out of reach until November, and there is even an inspired dance routine that I wish I could watch on YouTube over and over again.

Currently running in previews at the Worldwide, which was a multiplex and has since been converted into a multiplex… for plays, complete with bars and funky decorations, Evil Dead: The Musical is definitely a blast and worth seeing.

I sat in the Splatterzone section, which was within the first few rows of the stage, but alas, the blood splatters were not as dramatic as I had hoped (then again, it’s only the second night). The cast do their jobs and do their jobs well, and include a Stifler-esque friend and a hot slut, who runs around most of the show with her little belly exposed and boobs popping out. What I was surprised about is that Evil Dead: The Musical is a hard-R, it is WAY overloaded with raunchy innuendos or outright expletives, which I enjoyed… but it just caught me off-guard. Don’t take the kids to see this one.

So, yeah, this is a brief and simple review but I don’t want to spoil some of the surprises and thrills of the show. I must see it again!

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