districtb13.jpgSo I haven’t seen this full movie, I’ve seen maybe 45 of its 90 mins, but I’m recommending it already. I had been hoping that, instead of bad John Carpenter films like The Fog, someone would remake Escape from New York, and put to bed any restart on the Escape from Earth third film. Seems that time has come, except it’s no longer New York (it’s Paris), and it’s brought to us by our French allies instead of tried and true American boys.

Now this is a foreign film worth watching! Despite my loathing of the country, District B13 is pretty incredible. Right from the beginning, you’ll get a sense of something cool coming up. So far, it’s walking that fine line between cool and ridiculous, for an action flick (Charlie’s Angels 2 being an example of something that crossed that line and went way south to wackyland) and I’m totally digging it. Lots of crazy Le Parkeur/Parkour stunts and stylized direction, and written/produced by Luc Besson to boot. So far, at the halfway point, District B13 is totally worth watching. Rent it now!

By E-G 421

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