Holy Frack! – The 30-Second Battlestar Galactica Season 3 Review

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bsg3_evolved.jpgSo I want go into details yet or roll out some of the fun screen grabs I took (that will come post-camping/slogging through the swamp), but I will share a first impression off the first 4 episodes coming this October. I recently watched them all in one fell swoop from unfinished rough cuts, which had unfinished FX and temp sound in some places — but it doesn’t matter, it’s amazing. You don’t need to see Centurions and Raiders to know that Battlestar Galactica is back with a vengeance, and after the cliffhanger set last season, it only goes up (or is it down?) from here.

All your favorites get their day in the sun, and some wonderful, wonderful things happen. And that’s just 5 hours in to what looks so far to be a killer season. If anything, this sneak peek made me even MORE excited for October 6th. For now though, just marvel at the attached pic that’s part of a slightly retooled, yet familiar, opening.