Great Scott!! I mean–SLOT!!


The FUTURE of gaming has arrived as Back to the Future: The Slot Machine entered various Las Vegas casinos on August 18, 2006!

This is the first time Christopher Lloyd has returned to the role of Doc Brown since 1992! Yes!! Specially shot footage was created for the video slot machine with not only Lloyd returning, but Bob Gale as well!!

Get the inside scoop on the new game over here

and, while you’re at it, head over here for more close up pics!

And prepare for temporal displacement (of your money!)

Fancy Gentleman.

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  1. Junky says:

    Oh dear God.  IGT makes all the best machines… Shit, I haven’t even touched my star wars pachinko and yet you KNOW I wanna buy this thing.  It’s near impossible to buy US machines.  Maybe there is a japanese version……