$ssssssomething is Wrong.

15.2 ?!?!?!?

This is really not good.

And i’ll tell you why.

Regardless if you were on board with the film or not. Regardless if you think it’s a good movie or not (i happen to think it’s 400 million times better than Dead Man’s Chest), this is a very, very bad thing.

Because right now, as you read this, New Line is already firing people over the decision to make this an R rated film. People are second guessing those reshoots that upped the gore and nudity. And what this translates to is that some suit out there most likely believes this would have brought in more money if Sam simply said, “I want those snakes off this plane!”

Why this film only made what it made is beyond anything i have ever witnessed in terms of box office numbers in the history of ever. It doesn’t make a lick of sense. The 7 mil it pulled in on Friday should have at put it at about 20 million for the weekend. Sure, this STILL would have been far below what i expected it to make given the insane year long countdown to this EVENT….but still…for it to have dropped off SO insanely fast could only mean that every single human that could not wait for this experience went out and saw this film on Thursday night or friday..and then…that’s it.

Now, when you take in to account that the reviews have actually been favorable…not nearly as much of a “joke” as the critics expected….

PLUS the fact that everyone who rants about this film has nothing but good stuff to say about it…praising it for exceeding their already impossibly high expectations….

It’s just all the more nuts. It makes no sense whatsoever.

Now, granted…movies are subjective experiences and this one might take the cake, seeing as though if you did not run out Thursday or Friday night you missed the experience that seeing this film is 90% about…

although, for my money, the film is actually still good on its own and i for one would watch this over and over with or without an audience. the audience only enhances the fun onscreen.

Which was my personal biggest surprise – just how much fun i was having BEFORE any snakes showed up.

My biggest complaint when i review films, especially films such as this where people are going to die..is that you have to be made to like the characters. And SoaP does that. The smallest of roles somehow find a way to be interesting enough so that when they inevitably go down it manages to being a reaction from the crowd.

I could go on forever talking about every little reason why this is my favorite film of the year, but this is not a BergView. This is just a rant i needed to get out about how bewildering it is to me that SO many people out there loved loving this film – yet did not go out and see it. It’s fascinating to me. And now, as a result, we’ll be faced with an industry who thinks people are tired of this type of film. SoaP doing big S$S$S$S$S$S$’s could have been the greatest thing for the industry in a long time.

I don’t know what happened out there this weekend. I don’t know where all the people were or what could have more important than the fun of this experience. But I hope they all get bit in the face.

Fancy Gentleman.

2 Responses

  1. Box Office Bozo says:

    Now now.  First of all, Sunday isn’t in (not that it’s going to make a difference), and the 1.X mil isn’t taken in from the Thursday screenings (despite Wednesday or Tuesday nights being included for other summer flicks)… but worst case scenario, $15M on a $30M movie is pretty damn good opening weekend.  This will also make bookoo (?) dollars on DVD, for those peeps that wouldn’t go, cause it sounded silly, but are curious.

  2. Roger says:

    Maybe the movie should have been titled, “Lipstick on a Pig.”