My commentary on my recent experience, which was quite possibly the best movie going experience of my life, awaits you here. An excerpt to wet your whistle:

Snakes on the Plane is THE reason to go to the movies. It’s a truly theatrical film; meant to be seen by many people at once in a theater. It has almost a Rocky Horror Picture Show quality, which can only be explained by the 10PM showing I just walked out of on Thursday night. I’ll try to do it justice. If you’re looking for a story synopsis or mise-en-scene analysis, please go elsewhere. The movie is called Snakes on a Plane, you don’t need anything more than that.

By E-G 421

5 thoughts on “Snakes on an Eros”
  1. I saw you there with your shirt.  Were you the ones fighting afterwards over the Sam Jackson movie posters?

    From your rival publication, Entertainment Weekly:

    “I went to see Snakes on a Plane at the 10 o’clock show on Thursday night, and the mood in the theater was a cross between what you’d expect to find at a ‘Star Wars’ sequel and a midnight show of ‘Bedtime for Bonzo’.”

  2. Yes, Owen.  That was us.  WHile those last moments of the night were filled with drama…the 2 hours prior were the GREATEST movie-going experience of MY life as well.  It CANNOT be described to anyone who wasn’t sitting in that theater 10PM Thursday night.

  3. I am so terribly upset that I couldn’t be in NYC with all of you for this experience.  I totally missed out on this entirely.  How were the box office grosses?  Will there eventually be snakes someplace else?

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