Transformers Movie Voice Actors Announced


frankwelker.jpg Don’t worry, there’s no George Clooney as Optimus Prime. Good ole Peter Cullen will be filling the shoes of our noble Autobot leader, and something I totally overlooked but am so jazzed about is that FRANK WELKER is the voice of Megatron!! FRANK FUCKING WELKER! You may remember him from such monkey noises as “Abu” from Aladdin or the affectionately titled, “Raiders monkey.” I’m also willing to bet he did vocals for Outbreak. Thank the heavens!

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4 Responses

  1. doug says:

    what’s your source for this?

  2. Eros Welker says:

    To be fair, this has not been officially announced. Heard this from a source close to, but not on,the production (not some guy who just runs a fan site). wink

    If it goes the other way, feel free to yell and distrust my intel.

  3. doug says:

    Honestly, when they announced Peter Cullen it was 1/2 of a dream come true. Welker on Megatron would be ther other 1/2 so I hope your source is on the money.

  4. cybergosh says:

    If Welker is in fact returning to the Transformers universe then today is the best day of the year with this news coming to me moments after that of The Frog Princess.