I know it’s a little late in the game to bring this up, but what are people thinking in terms of grosses this summer?

I know i wasn’t the only one with low expectations for Superman…yet the Lincoln Square had more people there Tuesday night than i’ve ever seen fit into that building ever.

Pirates has never been bigger…and this could be one of those sequels that makes more than the first from the growing cult popularity since the first films release. The Austin Powers effect, if you will.

However, looking here at what Supes did on it’s first day…

Superman Wednesday Gross

…we can predict it should top out around the 220ish range, unless word of mouth gives it Christ type legs.

What do you think?

What’s number one at the BO this summer?

And remember, summer doesn’t realllly start until Aug. 18…

By Cybergosh

Fancy Gentleman.

3 thoughts on “$ummer Is Gross”
  1. Hard to know what will be #1.  But it’s frustrating that we’re in a industry on the decline!  It’s dropped 5% a year for five fucking years!  Going into business, you always want to be in a growth industry.  And this it ain’t.  Scares me a bit.  Superman Returns topping at 220?  That’s not good.  Needs to be more like 375 to make it all worth while… Shitbox.  With cheese.  Fuckle trot top.

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