More Than Meets the Eye!!!

Oh my god… Oh my god… Oh my god. I’ve been on a media rollercoaster — starting with Superman Returns in 3D IMAX, moving on to Ziegfeld-fed Pirates of the Caribbean and ending today with this. I can only imagine what it would be like to catch this in the theater, not knowing what it was going to be promoting… but alas, the internet makes that impossible. The rumor goes this got leaked to YouTube, and while it was quickly pulled, Dreamworks opted to release the trailer early and away we go…

Or hit the site for a clearer video, but it crashes every 5 minutes:

2 Responses

  1. cybergosh says:

    I wish i got to see this a Spidey on the big screen.  It would have been so cool to not know what we were watching.  But alas, it is a new era.  And i have succumbed to it.  That was awesome.  7.4.7 !

  2. junktape says:

    I have no idea what to think of this other than the fact that my geek senses are tingling.  This could be the best or worst summer event in franchise-based motion picture history.