I am warm and giddy right now. I had no idea Superman Returns would blow the kind of chills outta me that it did on Tuesday night at the Lincoln Square IMAX theater. Wow. I feel like a dork for doubting this film. I had a smile on my face the whole time and was actually moved by this film. Singer does Donner, Routh does Reeve and Ottman does Williams yet they all somehow make it their own as well.

Right from the opening, you’ll know it feels right. I was blown away by the IMAX DMR as usual, yet the film had me so captivated with it’s surreal hybrid nostalgic take on resurrecting this franchise that I didn’t even need the 3D (although it didn’t hurt…very interesting to see a first look at this new process and the way of things to come…).

Singer’s best film to date.


By Cybergosh

Fancy Gentleman.

11 thoughts on “You will believe it is December 15, 1978”
  1. Saw it again tonight in IMAX and enjoyed it even more.  Why?  Just because i cannot believe how much i enjoy Brandon, Kate, Kevin and Parker in this.  Who knew??!!  And Ottman actually has many cool themes of his own interwoven with Williams’ themes…it’s Ottman is having audible sex with Williams throughout, and YOU get to feel the orgasm in you ears.

    This is now my Fave of the year.

    BTW, do you know some reports have this movie listed as a $260 budget!  I had heard just north of 200.  But wow!  Doesn’t that make this the most expensive film ever made, at least until the 300 million Spidey 3 comes out next May?

  2. Wow, I can’t imagine going back for seconds. Like Spider-Man, this movie had all of the ingredients that should have made it a winner for me, but I was just bored.

    It was great that Singer went to the trouble to tie it in visually and musically with the originals, right down to the style of the opening credits. Unfortunately, this hampers the film, because Routh is no Reeve, and Spacey is no Hackman. They’re just robotic copies of them.

    Originally I felt the comic geeks were overreacting, but after seeing the film I agree: Superman would never abandon Earth, especially for such a selfish reason. The tragic events of this movie are all his fault. Even worse, he x-ray stalks Lois and climbs into childrens’ bedrooms late at night. (I’m not serious about the latter, but I am about the former. Isn’t a right to privacy part of “the American way?”)

    There were just some downright dumb things in there, too. That ridiculous gatling gun, and the bit with the fax machine. And note to Bryan Singer: yes, we get it already, HE’S JESUS. No need to brain us over the head with it in such a ham-handed Wachowskian manner.

    It did answer the question of what James Marsden was doing last year instead of X-Men 3. And unlike Cyclops, his character in this film was actually likeable.

    Still, I want my eight bucks back.

  3. Ha Ha…nice job on the pic, Roger ol’ chap. Ya know, old-me would have been yelling at you for being so off base with this and X3. But new-me….is more excepting. New-me says things like, “i’m sorry you couldn’t see and feel this expereience the way that i did.  i respect your opinion but we must agree to disagree.”

    Then the new-me goes off quietly and screams so loud that his throat bleeds.

    Then goes and sees it for the third time 11pm monday night to feel better.

    Then cries without knowing why. 

    Tears mixing with the blood in the sink.  Tasting it.  Tasting the pent up rage.  Mmmmmm.  It tastes so goddamned fantastic.  So god damned fucking fantastic. 

    But it needs more tears.

  4. Just back from my thrid time.  I declare this to be my favorite Superhero film since Superman: The Movie.  Yes more than II…yes more than Spider-man 2.  More than ‘em all.  Why?  Because i’m still getting more and more chills and emotional sensations after the third viewing.  I just love every shot.  I love how Singer reveals things.  How things play out in each given scene.  I love the little subtle moments where nothing may be being said but yet so much is going on.  And i love how Ottman fearlessly marches into the most famous march of all time and adds his own catchy melodies into it as well.  When Supes regains his power from the sun…it doesn’t get any better for me.  Yet, the more i love it the more sad i am about Pirates.  Such a tragedy.  And today i leanred something about the attraction update that, if true, wil

    l upset me all the more.  I won’t find out until October…

  5. We’re way off.  That film almost lost a few friendships on my end last summer.  I HATED that film so much it made Schumacher seem not as bad in my eyes.

    However, i do enjoy our little cyber-comment-conversation smile

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