First Movie Ever Shot on a Cell Phone

For the first time, an entire theatrical documentary has been shot using a standard video cell phone, the Associated Press reported today (Thursday). The wire service said that the 93-minute Italian film New Love Meetings from co-directors Marcello Mencarini and Barbara Seghezzi features clips of interviews with about 100 people talking about their sex lives. (About 700 people were actually “filmed.”) “To use a small instrument that belongs to people’s daily routine allows you to establish an intimate dialogue, instead of using a regular camera,” Seghezzi told the A.P. “The interview becomes more like a chat.” To offset the relatively low technical quality of the Nokia N90, the directors said they used mostly close-ups. The A.P. described the film as “clear overall” but that it appears “slightly shaky.”

By E-G 421

2 thoughts on “FIRST CELL PHONE MOVIE!”
  1. I pitched to Nokia years ago (I want to say 5), whenever they had the first video camera phone, the World’s First Mobile Phone Film Festival… and they ignored me.  And now that idea has happened, and now this.  I should just quit, move to Delaware and make movies.

  2. This is going to be as popular as my photojournalism project I shot in Kosovo on a pinhole camera.

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