Hasslehoff Video Premieres Tonight!

Much like the end of Halloween III, I just got word that Entertainment Tonight will be broadcasting the premiere of my David Hasselhoff video tonight. Apparently, they teased it earlier tonight (as in Thursday) but will show it full frontal on Friday. God help us all.



It will also go live on our website BondOnVoom.com tomorrow night where it can be cherished for days to come.

For those who don’t know, we got David Hasselhoff (Yes, David. Fucking. Hasselhoff) to cover the song “Secret Agent Man” to promote our month long hi def world premiere Bond stunt on my FilmFest channel. And we did this just so we could make a video.

One a personal note, I just want it on record that as far as I’m concerned, this spot never ever even got past the rough cut stage. It’s totally unfinished. In fact, I’m here trying to finish it right now. I’ve spent the last 4 weeks, day and night just trying to render the goddamn green screen in our DS machine and ran out out of time before we could even begin to to try to edit it. But in some weird twisted, logic, maybe it’s better that way.

One last time, here’s a link to the inspiration which started it all — WATCH

I will be the first to admit our video can’t even come close to capturing the magic of what they did the first time. But where as I don’t have a famed German Pop Star bitting a giant salmon I do have him in a tux and a jet pack.

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