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‘Superman Returns’ Returns Earlier Than Expected
In an effort to take full advantage of the coming Fourth of July holiday, Warner Bros. has moved up the release of Superman Returns from Friday, June 30 to Wednesday, June 28. Some analysts further forecast that the studio will open the film with 10:00 p.m. or midnight screenings on June 27. The strategy is reportedly aimed at giving the Bryan Singer-directed film a few extra days in the clear before it has to face competition from Disney’s latest Pirates of the Caribbean sequel, Dead Man’s Chest, which opens on July 7. Superman Returns stars Kevin Spacey, Kate Bosworth, Parker Posey and newcomer Brandon Routh as the Man of Steel.

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6 thoughts on “SUPERMAN RETURNS (sooner)!!”
  1. YEAH!!!  SO excited.  This means TUESDAY midnight show, BUT will it be in IMAX???

  2. Awesome news—and btw, it’s AWESOME that you’re posting but as Eric has corrected me in the past, we need not to cut and paste articles exactly as they appear in the original source material.  Better to paraphrase a few original sentences of your own, and then add the link to the actual article.  Keeps our site plagarism free.  (I’ve infracted this rule a few times myself and am only now doing it the right way…)

  3. Thanks, Junk!  I’ll be more careful next time!  Still getting the hang of it. and, HEY, how come you’re not busting on any other non-posters?  You got the fire under me ; )

  4. I am, just not in public forum – I think Anthonis is gonna start.  Matthewbation I’m not so sure about.

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